Disc harrows

Disc harrows

Heavy-duty disc harrows HDH-2,4, HDH-4,2, HDH-4,2-01, HDH-6,0 are designed to break up weed and crop residues (including pediculate plants such as: sunflower, corn) for cultivating soil after the harvest.
The harrows are equipped with the discs 800 mm in diameter that are 300 mm from each other.
Reliable discs fixing excludes scrolling of the discs, and the disc-section holdings have the working tools for changing the disc approach angle from 0° to 25°.
There is the back towing hook that makes it possible to use the harrow together with other aggregates, and the special “cleaners” clean axle spacing from ground, weed and crop residues.




Technical data
Type of machine unit HDH-2,4 HDH-4,2 HDH-6,0
Aggregated with tractor   up to 150 HP 270 HP 400 HP
Productivity per 1 hour of run time ha 1,9-2,4 2,5-4,2 4,8-7,2
Operating speed km/h 6-10 6-10 8-12
Working side m 2,4 4,2 6
Weight, at most kg 3 400 6 000 8 500

Dimensions in run-in position:


mm 6 880 6 910 8 325
                                          Widht mm 2 500 2 500 3 700
                                          Height mm 1 880 2 884 3 125
Disc diameter mm 800 800 800
Operating depth in one path, up to cm 22 22 22
Fuel consumption per 1 hour l 12 12 15

 Fregat’s new middle-duty and light-duty disk harrows MDH and LDH are aggregated with tractors of different tractor power providing the operating depth in one path up to 18 cm under MDH and up to 12 cm under LDH. Because of the unique features of their constriction and wide working side, these disc harrows are defined by high level of reliability and productivity per hour in comparison with other disc harrows of this type.
New disc harrows show the same design features and performance characteristics as the similar products offered by the leading global producers in Ukrainian market (such as John Deere, Lemken, Horsch etc.). Plant’s position in the market is ensured by the following specifications of the harrow discs:
• disc harrows are qualified as “tandem” disc harrows (i.e. they are symmetrical about the center line of the system), that is why the frame loading of the equipment is far less;
• disc harrows have the rigid and reliable frame which is made of high-quality steel grades;
• discs are performed of high-resistance steel and take hardening; mechanical processing of disc blade edges makes discs long-lasting;
• discs are arranged into reliably designed gangs to prevent disc over-torquing;
• disc harrows are equipped with special “cleaners” to clean axle spacing from ground, weed and crop residues;
• disc harrows are adapted to be used together with the rollers for breaking clods if it is necessary.
In comparison with the offset disc harrows, “tandem” construction application for new disc harrows makes it possible to decrease work load to the main bearing elements (frame, hitch beam, hitch and the like) because the harrow is symmetrical. This protects the elements mentioned above from breakdown in order to extend the operating life of disc harrows and to cut repair costs. Moreover, “tandem” performance of disc harrows keeps them more compact and flexible comparing to the offset ones increasing productivity and reducing fuel consumption when the harrows are in use.
Disc blade edges are processed mechanically and discs are hardened, therefore discs of the harrows are more hard and long-lasting than the discs produced under plasma cutting method (they are widespread in Ukrainian market). That keeps the discs more continuous in service, what is the substantial advantage taking into account the fact that the discs are the basic consumable material while operating the harrows.

Technical data
 Type of  unit  MDH-4 MDH-6,3  MDH-7,5  LDH-6  LDH-8,2  LDH-9,5 
 Type of disc harrow    middle-duty; tractor-drawn, tandem  middle-duty; tractor-drawn, tandem  middle-duty; tractor-drawn, tandem light-duty; tractor-drawn, tandem  light-duty; tractor-drawn, tandem  light-duty; tractor-drawn, tandem
 Aggregated with tractor  HP  up to 150 150-300  above 300  up to 150  150-300  above 300 
 Productivity per 1 hour of run time  ha  4,8 7,5  7,2  9,8  11,4 
 Operating speed  km/ha  8-12   8-12   8-12   8-12   8-12   8-12
 Working side  m  4 6,3  7,5  8,2  9,5 
 Weight, at most  kg  4 000 6 000  7 300  4 500  6 000  7 000 
 Disc diameter  mm 650  650 650  500  500  500 
 Operating depth in one path, up to  cm  18 18  18  12  12  12 
 Wing sections folding  n.a. hydraulic   hydraulic   hydraulic   hydraulic   hydraulic   hydraulic