PrJSC “The plant “Fregat” is one of the biggest producers of agricultural equipment, food industry and processing industry equipment, ship-machine building products and hydraulic, manufacturing industries basic fields equipment and consumer goods in the country.


The Plant basic products:

  • heavy-duty disc harrow-ploughs HDH-2.4, HDH-4.2, HDH-4.2-01, HDH-6.01;
  • 60 types of hydraulics;
  • leveling boom sprayers LBS-2500;
  • mounted boom sprayers MBS-600;
  • unified irrigation machines;
  • mill-elevator equipment (lock feeders for corn and flour, lock paddles, belt scooper norias);
  • galvanized steel structures;
  • conforming to European standards and quality galvanized guardrails;
  • mobile communications towers;
  • utility trailers;
  • HD Galvanizing and different types of electrochemical facing;
  • pluggable modular pole scaffold.