JSC “The plant “Fregat” is well-known in Ukraine as one of the leading enterprises which render a service in anti-corrosive coating of steelwork by a method of hot-deep-galvanisation and electrochemical facings. The maximum size of the structures, which can be covered with zinc is 7000mm x 2500mm x 1100mm (in the presence of preliminary coordination steel structure preassembled length can be to 12000mm). The obtainable zinc coating thickness is from 70 to 250 micrometer (with optimal 70-120 micrometer).

Corrosion prevention by Hot-Deed-Galvanization method assures:

  • service life prolongation;
  • metal consumption reduction;
  • consumer appeals upgrading;
  • period between repairs prolongation.

At present time the production facilities make it possible to coat the structures of different configurations up to 9 m long with output up to 2 thousand tonnes per month. Zinc-plated production is delivered to Central and West European countries regularly, that confirms the high quality of our products.

Also the Plant “Fregat” provides service of galvanizing, cadmium plating, nickel plating, chrome-plating.