We care about the future for the well-being of society


To become a leading company in the production, installation and creation of solutions for irrigation systems, road fences, metal structures for solar power plants, metal structures, engineering products with high efficiency, quality and after-sales service, ahead of customer expectations.


Customer focus

Orientation to customer needs. Satisfying customer needs on time with the right quality.

Орієнтованість на результат

Result oriented

We are aware of the importance of personal contribution to the overall result, we are persistent in achieving a common goal

Професіоналізм і відповідальність

Professionalism and responsibility

We are a team of professionals capable of solving complex and non-standard tasks. We are responsible for the results to colleagues and partners. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully achieve our goals.



All our actions are honest, open and fair

Прагнення до розвитку

Desire for development

We are aimed at the continuous development, improvement and acquisition of new experience, at creative problem solving. We contribute to the self-development and development of subordinates. We are adventurous and open to new ideas.