The Plant «Fregat» has developed a brand new type of electrically powered irrigation machine DMF «Fregat» with frame structure. New type of irrigation machine has been produced since 2010 and allows achieving the maximal economy of energy consumption during water supply due to low input pressure.

DMF «Fregat» provides possibility for pivot, linear and linear with radial movement (hippodrome) irrigation. Basic specifications of DMF «Fregat» and quality of irrigation meet the standards of the best foreign analogues while providing lower price.
Components by leading world manufacturers are applied in DMF «Fregat» – motor and wheel gearboxes UMC (USA), low-hanging sprinklers i-Wob Senninger (USA).

Machine is electrically powered, every cart has two pneumatic wheels which are driven by cart’s own motor gearbox by means of two wheel gearboxes.

Automatic control system makes it possible for the machine to move both in direct and reverse way with wide range of operating speeds.


Technical data

Type of machineFrame, pivot/linear/hippodrome, reversible, with electrical drive on each cart
Water supplyHydrant / hydrants / water channel
Amount of cartsunits1-20
Construction of the spanFrame
The length of the spanm59,9/54,05/48,20/42,35
The length of the machinem42,35 - 1100,00
Central cartWith 2 or 4 wheels
Control systemElectro-mechanical and automatic
Truss equalization system for linear machinesSystem with a precision equalization of carts by the rope along the machine
Input water pressure (0 degree incline)MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,19 - 0,52 (1,9 - 5,2)
Type of sprinklersI-Wob Standard, “Senninger”, USA (each sprinkler has pressure regulator PSR-15 of “Senninger”company) and sector end-gun
Drive typeMotor gearbox and 2 wheel gearboxes for each cart (made by “UMC”, USA)
WheelsPneumatic wheels (14.9R24), two wheels for each cart
Motor gearbox typeUMC Power Saver 3.5, 40:1, 0,55 kW (USA)
Wheel gearboxes typeMC TNT-2 50:1 (USA)
Water productivityliters per second20 - 300
Minimal watering ratem3/ha29 - 142
Voltage380 V / 50 Hz
Guideway typeBy the groove / by the rope