Supporting constructions

PrJSC the “Plant “Fregat” manufactures and sells towers for mobile communication according to its own projects and the clients’ technical drafts. Owing to the own hot dip galvanizing bath and well – proven technology it ensures the high quality, long-running of zinc coating and a long term of constructions` exploitation.

The towers are manufactured as well with zinc-plating as without plating according to the customers’ requirements.

The height of the towers may vary from 38 up to 70meters, top-loaded vertical height is up to 100meters.

The plant can also manufacture the power transmission towers and other supporting structures including lighting poles.

Basic part steelwork

This operation of our company includes the manufacture of basic part steelwork of different functions:

  • the basic parts of electro power motors and generators;
  • the basic parts of lifting mechanism (winches);
  • the basic parts of big reducer;
  • the basic parts of supports of wind energy plants;
  • other basic parts ware.

We can manufacture non typical basic parts developed by engineering and design department of the plant “Fregat” according to the customers’ technical requirements.

Building steel construction

The plant has a possibility to manufacture steelwork, welded into carbon dioxide or argon area from constructional and alloy-treated steel. Overall dimensions of ready-fitted structures can measure up to 20 m and weigh 50 t. It is possible to manufacture longer structures by additional agreement.

Additionally the plant manufactures the structures of any complexity level according to the customers’ requirements and drawings:

  • frames of pre-fabricated buildings;
  • truss constructions;
  • framed constructions;
  • columns;
  • poles;
  • overlaps;
  • links and non typical steel constructions.

Manufactured structures can be protected by different types of anticorrosive coating, including hot dip galvanizing (HDG).

Capacitive steelwork

The plant manufactures different types of capacitive equipment: storage containers for food products, stainless capacities, containers, non typical capacity equipment, complex universal capacity apparatus, steel capacity apparatus.

And also bulk liquid containers (vertical and horizontal), pit silos, batchers, containers, reservoir steelwork for all areas of industry.