The guardrail – the structure is using for prevention of driving down a car from the road or bridge, crossing the demarcation strip, crashing with oncoming car, massive head-on crashing (safety barrier for the cars), falling down the pedestrians from the bridge or embankment (safety barriers for the pedestrians) and also for the improvement of pedestrians` movement and prevention of animals` roadway entrance (limiting barrier).
The road safety barriers building constructions, aimed for using in construction and exploitation of general use roads, access roads and intra-organizational ones.

The plant “Fregat” manufactures safety barrier constructions are manufactured according to the requirements ДСТУ Б.2.3-12-2004, ТУ У 45-2-21476215.112-2003, ГОСТ-26804-86 or technical specifications of TL-SP 99 (Germany).

Manufactured types of the guardrails:

Single-sided guardrails are installed along the road bed and prevent of driving down a car from it, protect the roadway from different structures located in right of roadway;

Double-sided guardrails are used on roads with 4 and more traffic lanes and installed along the axis of demarcation strip. They prevent the crashes with oncoming cars;

Bridge guardrails (Single-sided guardrails , Double-sided guardrails) are installed on a bridges and overbridges. Their main option is to avoid driving down a car from the bridge.

For the maintenance of already installed guardrails JSC “The plant “Fregat” offers separate elements of the guardrails` structures.

  • Beams
  • Posts
  • Spacers
  • Diagonal connections
  • End sections

All guardrails` elements are protected with anticorrosive coating of hot dip galvanizing with thickness 70-120mkm or high quality lacquer coating covering.
The constructions are manufactured according to the technical specifications of TL-SP 99 (Germany)
and correspond to the best European samples, also according to Ukrainian ГОСТ-26804-86. Zinc coating ensures the durability and aesthecity of the constructions. The variety of the structure elements allows producing assembling according to different schemes. Products are certificated by the engineering supervision society “TÜV Rheinland” Germany.

The guardrails are manufactured from safety beams of А and В profile. The length of beams 4300mm. The posts are manufactured from “Sigma” profile with the length 1900, 2300 и 2500mm. The distance between the posts can be 1,33m, 2,0m and 4,0m.

Guardrails test video