With this slogan traditional Field Day took place on July 30th , 2015 in a Petrashevka village in Yampol district, Vinnitsa region. The hosts of the event – “AMG ” Mironovskoe” – have gladly welcomed guests, including representatives of the NSC “Ukragroleasing”, Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation NAAN Ukraine, PE “Budpostach”, company Monsanto, as well as our partners – Farm representatives that have already purchased or intend to purchase irrigation machines “Fregat”.
During the event all visitors could see the irrigation machines “Fregat” of various types: pivot, lateral and hippodrome (lateral-pivot) and obtained feed back, not only representatives of the manufacturer, but also professionals who directly exploiting machines on the fields.
The participants of the Field Day have inspected machines with great interest, and realized the high importance of projects of artificial irrigation in Ukraine.