The new FregatSmart system is not a distant future, it is already implemented option that has been successfully tested this season. From the next season this option is going to become affordable both for all our new customers and for owners of the machinery Fregat, which could be additionally equipped with such an option.

Remote irrigation control system is a result of cooperation between the specialists of our company (FregatSmart) and scientists of the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation NAAS of Ukraine (“Irrigation Management”). It allows to determine the time of turning on and turning off irrigation in the given area and to adjust the amount of water depending on the needs of the soil and crops that are grown in it.

The basis of the remote irrigation control system is:

analysis of soil properties in the field (both chemical and moisture);

– meteorological data;

– estimating irrigation needs of each crop in a given phase of growth (now it is carried out with the participation of agronomists, but in the future this function will be taken over by electronic measuring devices).