Since 2010, the Fregat plant has been designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of fastening systems for photovoltaic modules for solar power plants (SES) of galvanized steel profiles.

The Fregat is the only enterprise in Ukraine with a full cycle of production of structures, from cutting steel coils, rolling profiles, applying hot-dip galvanizing to bench tests. At the moment, we have designed more than 20 different models of SES tables, both stationary for industrial facilities, and with an adjustable angle (winter / summer) for private clients.

Thanks to end-to-end quality control at each stage, the customer receives reliable and durable structural elements with a zinc coating thickness of at least 80 microns. The service life of our designs is more than 25 years. This is about 5 times more than for products made of low-quality galvanized sheet, which are now widely offered on the market.

Our experts provide each client with full information support in choosing the optimal design by phone. +38 067 322 70 44.